FIAT600D multipla

FIAT600D multipla

英語のmultiple [多数の、多様な、複雑な、多くの部分から成る、並列の、複合の]の意味を有する。




出発までに時間がかかるエンジン調整、 時速100kmも満たない走行性能、現代社会の時間の流れにとって次元の違う感覚を呼び覚ましてくれるであろう。
天才的なエンジニアのダンテ・ジアコーサがデザインしたFIAT600D multiplaは、多様性を内部に取り込み、多目的を有し、家族や人々の繋がり、その日常の時間をゆっくりと新たな世界へと共に連れて行ってくれる存在である。そして、デザインは秀逸であり前後の固定観念をも見直させてくれる。



FIAT600D multipla

The car of the form with this amiability
I have a meaning of English multiple [the parallel composition consisting of large number of a variety of complicated many parts] named multipla (Multipla).

It is a design to be the back seemingly which way is in front, or to lose if I pass a filter of the present fixed idea.
This car was born as a concept by variety, a multi-purpose as an everyday foot.
It is form to ride a big family and large baggage, and to move daily life.
It is the pioneer embodying design of the current minivan concept.

FIAT600 was made from 1956 through 1969.
1969 when production was over is the year when Armstrong of Apollo 11 got down on the moon.
Technical evolution, the framework of regulation law spread from that for 50 years, and the width of the design leads at the present.
However, since the age, the human does not arrive at the moon.

I got anything from heart for hope called the progress and threw anything away, and what would you come for? And what will you aim at from now on?

I will remind you of the sense different of the dimension for engine adjustment to take time by departure, the running performance which 100km per an hour does not reach, a flow at time of the modern society.

FIAT600D multipla which Dante Giacosa of the engineer of genius designed takes in variety inside and, having a multi-purpose, is the existence that takes the connection of a family and people, the everyday time to the world new slowly with together. And the design lets it is excellent and review an anteroposterior fixed idea.
It is good old existence letting I let you release a fixed heart of the modern society and feel the future to be bright.

I feel that it is the existence that expressed a concept made with the work which a KYOTO KIZUNAYA aims at.

After the existence and an accidental encounter, I want to enjoy what there is a relationship and shares time together and can send it to.
And I want to continue embodying the work which I wrap up the future daily life of a new family happily, and continues being connected without forgetting the mind.